Eden Project

Explore people’s relationship with plants in the Eden Project’s world-famous Biomes in Cornwall. Trek through a rainforest in the world’s largest conservatory, stroll through Mediterranean climes, and discover extensive outdoor gardens.

Why you’ll love visiting us

The Eden Project is a horticultural spectacle, with over a million plants spread across 35 acres of stunning global gardens situated in the heart of Cornwall. 

Explore our two vast covered biomes, housing wild landscapes, crops and stories from the Rainforest and Mediterranean regions:  immerse yourself in the steamy heat of the largest rainforest in captivity and marvel at a close-up view of the tree tops from our Canopy Walkway.  Then take a stroll through the sights and scents Mediterranean, where you’ll come across beautiful flower displays and ripening seasonal crops.

Discover our outdoor garden for all seasons, home to some of the world’s oldest and rarest plants.  Trek down our Zigzag Through Time and discover the myths and legends tucked away in hidden corners.

Seek out the exhibitions and exhibits which bring our stories to life, watch a live concert or theatre performance, or enjoy the tastes of the food growing around you in one of our cafes.


Our mission

The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future. We create memorable experiences that lead people to care about each other and the natural world and do transformational projects to show what people working together and with nature can achieve. Our first project was to build a global garden in a crater that was once a china clay pit as a symbol of regeneration and the art of the possible.   Today we work on a wide range of environmental and social projects nationally and internationally to further our mission.

The money we raise supports educational programmes and projects which catalyse change.

Reg. charity no. 1093070 (The Eden Trust).


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