Kew Gardens

Escape to Kew in west London to explore glasshouses, landscapes and 250 years of history at the world's most famous garden.

Why you’ll love visiting us

As a World Heritage Site, we are home to magnificent glasshouses, the world’s largest collection of plants and 300 acres of tranquil gardens. Some of our favourite features include:

  • Glass Palaces: the five glasshouses are among our most popular features.
  • Exotic plantings: from delicate orchids and hungry carnivorous plants to Britain’s oldest pot plant and a cycad that is possibly the last of its species in the world.
  • Royal Kew: the passions and interests of Britain’s ancient Royal Family are everywhere, including Kew Palace, built in 1630.
  • Special Gardens: treat all your senses in the Secluded Garden, enjoy the peace of the Japanese Landscape, or see traditional medicine plants in the Queen’s Garden.
  • Arboretum: in this large part of our Gardens, which features 14,000 trees from all over the world, you can climb the Xstrata Treetop Walkway to experience the wonder of the canopy level.
  • Art: admire examples from our collection of 200,000 works of botanical art in our three galleries.
  • Kids’ Kew: Climbers and Creepers is Britain’s first interactive botanical play zone and children will also enjoy our human-sized Badger Sett and Marine Display recreating four major marine habitats.

Our mission

We have the Earth’s largest and most diverse botanical collection under our care. We are also an internationally respected centre of scientific excellence, identifying and classifying plants; researching their structure, chemistry and genetics; collecting and conserving endangered species; maintaining reference collections and sharing this knowledge with others.

Kew Gardens YouTube Channel

Watch a range of great videos showcasing Kew’s science and conservation work.

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