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together we can change the world for the better

Eco Attractions Group works actively with its member attractions to support their missions and increase their positive outreach, through ongoing advocacy, marketing and collaborative efforts.


·       Representation of Eco Attractions members to government bodies and national agencies to ensure that member views are considered in matters of relevant policy

·       Collective influence over educating around the impact of climate change, climate justice and the benefits of Eco Attractions members

Marketing and Communications

·       Joint external awareness campaigns based on common interests

·       Cooperative advertising, PR, social media and promotions, including regular website updates, press releases, social media posts and monthly newsletters

·       Spotlight on member attractions via dedicated sections on the EAG website

·       Access to EAG logo for further credentials and promotion of member’s green offerings

Member support and collaboration

·       Eco Attractions pass cards for all EAG member staff, enabling free entry to member sites

·       Online training, webinars and events tailored to EAG Attraction members

·       Sharing of best practices

·       Collation of data and trends linked to Eco Attractions members

·       Annual in-person conference

·       Annual online conference

·       E-updates and latest news on funding / training / events

·       Employment/Volunteering opportunity alerts 

Join Us

We welcome all eco attractions that are charitable or not for profit that promote connecting people with nature and inspire sustainable living. We also have corporate membership options. Join now if you want to be part of this environmental, collaborative, supportive and like-minded group

See table below for annual membership fees and get in touch to find out more. 

  • Less than 49,999 £500
  • 50,000 – 99,999 £750
  • 100,000 – 199,999 £1,000
  • 200,000 – 399,999 £1,250
  • 400,000 – 799,999 £1,500
  • 800,000 – 1,599,999 £1,750
  • Over 1.6 m £2,000

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